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Check out our Bergara Rifles for sale online at our store. Bergara produces the best rifles for anyone who is interested in hunting, Since from the time of its conception this particular brand of rifles has been top for all who are interested in hunting. At Bergara, we believe that a precision rifle requires not only the best components but also an assembly process that is carried out by individuals who are the best of the best at their craft. For this reason, we brought together a team of the world’s most talented and experienced rifle builders – first in the USA for our Custom Series and Premier Series, and now in Spain for our B-14 Series. Buy Bergara Rifles online from our shop with different types available for you. We have an extensive selection of brand new Bergara Rifles like the Bergara B14Bergara b14 HMR, Bergara HMR, Bergara 6.5 Creedmoor for sale at our shop.



Bergara B-14 Ridge Rifle .243 Win. Synthetic Stock 22″ B14S503


Bergara B-14 Ridge .450 Bushmaster Synthetic Stock 20″ Rifle B14S506


Bergara B-14R .22 LR LH Trainer 18″ 1/2×28 Steel Bbl Rifle B14R001L


Bergara B-14 Terrain Wilderness 28 Nosler Molded Mini-Chassis Stock 26″ Rifle…


Bergara B-14 Hunter “Wilderness” 28 Nosler Synthetic 26″ Rifle B14LM1110


Bergara B-14 HMR “Wilderness” 6.5 Creedmoor Molded Mini-Chassis Stock…


Bergara Premier Series Highlander .300 PRC Threaded Bbl 24″ Rifle w/ M…


Bergara B-14R .22 WMR Trainer 20″ 1/2×28 Carbon Fiber Rifle B14R006


Bergara B-14 Timber Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor Walnut Stock 22″ B14S002


Bergara B-14 Ridge 6.5 PRC Synthetic Stock 24″ Rifle B14S509


Bergara B-14 Ridge .308 Win Synthetic Stock 20″ Rifle B14S501


Bergara B-14 Hunter Rifle .300 Win. Mag. Synthetic Stock 24″ B14LM101


Bergara B-14 HMR (Hunting & Match Rifle) .308 Win Molded MiniChassis Stock 20″ B14S…


Bergara Premier Series Highlander .300 Win Mag Threaded Bbl 24″ Rifle w/ M…


Bergara B-14 Ridge “Wilderness” 28 Nosler Synthetic Stock 26″ Rifle w…


Bergara B-14 HMR 6.5 PRC Molded Mini-Chassis Stock 24″ Rifle B14S359



Bergara B-14 HMR Bolt-Action Rifle For Sale

Bergara B-14 Hunter Bolt Action Rifle -Built in Spain at our highly-automated barrel factory, highly-efficient production techniques allow us to deliver a rifle with a level of quality and performance that is unmatched for the price. The world-famous Bergara barrel is complemented by our own super-smooth B-14 Action with a coned bolt nose and breech ensuring consistently smooth feeding and a sliding plate extractor for proper alignment. The Bergara 4140CrMo steel barrel is finished in matte blue and is available in 22-inches (Short Action) and 24-inches (Long Action). Our synthetic stocks are bedded with integral pillars for stability and enhanced accuracy. The Bergara B-14 Hunter rifle features a molded synthetic stock made of glass fiber reinforced polymer. During the molding process solid steel pillars are inserted and permanently molded into place, providing a secure and stable bedding surface for the barreled action. The base color is green with tan and black flecks, providing a very tasteful camo look. A Soft-Touch coating gives the stock soft, tacky feel that is easy to grip even in harsh weather.

  • Bergara B-14 action
  • Synthetic American Style Stock
  • Bergara curved trigger
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The Bergara Firearms Company History

“Bergara Rifles Making The Difference”

Manufactured in Bergara, Spain, a region known to produce some of the finest guns in the world, Bergara has combined the best barrel manufacturing equipment with a resolute commitment to quality and value. This superior technology combined with decades of barrel making experience delivers a production barrel that performs like it was custom made.

Bergara has a rich history of producing some of the finest barrels to come out of Spain, in recent years the company has expanded their product range to include rifles both factory and custom builds. Don’t let the term factory built fool you, these are rifles aren’t hastily thrown together in a sweatshop – Bergara’s B-14 rifles are built in Basque region of Spain, an area of the country where the art of gunsmithing can be traced back for centuries.

Bergara Premier Series rifles are produced by a small team of American gunsmiths who have extensive backgrounds in building rifles for the US Marine Corps Precision Weapons Sections. When you pick up a Bergara Premier Series rifle you can feel confident in knowing that your rifle has been built by or under the supervision of these elite armorers.